Yesterday and today (Y&T , for those who don't know it's the name of a heavy metal band.. anyway) were quiet days because I had to recover from Wednesday. So, two days ago I went to Paris and in the train, two "old" rich ladies sat next to me, and the older saw that I was reading Harry Potter she told me "oh you read in English, so do you speak English?" ah ah we talked for a while, they asked me questions about Paris.Then, I asked them where they came from, I first believed they were british, I was wrong. " Arizona" said one of them, oh my god, they live in the State where we can see the Great Canyon, I'm so jealous. I was happy to speak in english especially with two lovely american, even if we don't come from the same world (rich vs poor lol). The best part was when the younger told me that my english was really good, I was red-faced ! My english isn't so good, I have to practice a lot, read more english books, make lot of exercices but the only solution should be to go to an english country and stay for few months, but the problem is money as always.
So, after the train I met F and we went to a park with a bottle of cider and for each a can of beer (7.2% alcohol). Then, we decided to wait for the girls in the Corcoran's (an Irish Pub in Saint Michel), no fucking Strongbow, I was so upset mainly it was written on their website so I took a Magners. Girls arrived and we drank others ciders. After leaving the girls, F and me went to the Black Dog ( a so-called metal bar, there is only one barman who's not an asshole), we finished the evening there drinking lot of beers. And after that... no fucking memory, except on the train when I almost vomit, apparently I threw F's phone on a girl GOD I don't remember anything. It was Thursday morning I knew everything, and I was not proud of me, specially about what I did to him. I took the decision to stop drinking beer cause I can't stop me and when I'm drunk I'm violent, and I don't to be a bitch with F. Result: me and alcohol it's OVER. I realised that I wrote that in my previous article, but seing my alcoholic night you see the proof that I'm really useless and a boozer. So, I can drink some glass of cider only occasionally but spending all evening in a bar it's over. I don't want to screw again. I'm done with bullshit.

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