Ok do I kill myself right now or later?? I'm back from Paris, wake up at 7 am, took the train, wait for one hour in the crous for NOTHING, the guy was a young very nice arabian, really cool but he couldn't do anything for me, cause I have to go to my college (which is open only the 1rst September) to fix the problems!! So I paid (I mean my mother paid) 21 euros for nothing... I hate the fucking college administration. This year starts very badly, it's worrying.

Now, I go in town to buy a birthday present for my mother, and some stuff to prepare a cake: chocolate cake with marshmallows inside, "happy birthday "written with smarties and two little chocolate bears for the candles ah ah I'm mad.

edit : I'm exhausted, sweating like a pig (so sex isnt' it?) but it's done, fortunately the earrings where still there, the seller made a gift package ( I 'm not able to make that kind of thing, it's to precise for me I'm more talented to destroy ah ah anyway). Then I walked and walked and walked to the supermarket where I bought all I need for Sunday, the hardest is to hide everything until the d day.

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