Travel is one of my passion, I went to Barcelona with school. I made a holiday camp where we went to Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Bruxelles, I really enjoyed Amsterdam and Prague I really hope to go back there, specially in Amsterdam where we were not allowed to go ah ah, and Prague to visit Kafka's museum. Then in 2004 one of my best trip, it was also a holiday camp, The East Cost of United States, two days in New York, then we went to Washington D.C, Philadelphia (we went, of course, in the house where Declaration of Independence has been signed), we went to Canada to see the Niagara Falls, apparently it's more beautiful on the Canada side, we went to the Amish Country, really awesome to see these persons driving a car ... with horses, we also saw Boston, beautiful town, we had a tour to Harvard yes the famous university and at the end we spent the two last days to New York again. My favourite city, I love the Nature, deserted landscapes but NY is unbelievable you have to see it at least one time in your life.
Then no travel during seven long years (except festivals but it's not the same). And finally, in July I went to Wales and this travel changed my life,this trip confirmed my desire to travel around the world, spend my time on road, discover every country, see beautiful landscapes which are not destroyed by humans yet. Yes, that's what I want to do in my life, be a trekker.
picture: The Golden Gate (one of my dreams is to spend few months in San Francisco)

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