Tuesday I went to my college to choose my two options. The morning we had to apply for the compulsory courses on the internet but of course the system didn't work, it was a total mess, I almost threw my computer and wanted to destroy everything. Everytime I applied in a course and valid it, it was written "full course" (so I couldn't chose the teachers I want to be with. I really hate this new system of application online, it's bullshit and we can't trust a machine).Then, when I finally succeed my registration I wanted to print the courses program and... I couldn't. Of course, I went mad, called the college, they couldn't do anything (what a surprise...). After this awful morning I took the train to go to the college, when I arrived I discovered some of my class mates who had the same problem. I was so anxious that I made a mistake on one of my option (I'll explain this later), the secretary told me that the courses I applied on my computer were well recorded and she entered the code of my two options. I chose "Looking for Shakespeare" wich will complet my English literature course where we are going to study Romeo and Juliet. I also chose a class outside my English college, it's a course of Literature , we will work on Le Mariage de Figaro and some textes of Rimbaud. This course is in French but the method for dissertation and commentaries will be helpful for my others courses. So, after the secretary took the codes of my options, I went to the coffee with the girls and I realised that I made a huge mistake which made me crazy. I ran to my college to fix the problem. I wrote that Shakespeare class is on Tuesdays whereas it's on Wednesdays and of course the Wednesday I have an other course (American Literature), I prayd that there's one place for me on American Literature class which is on Tuesdays and I was so lucky cause there was. It was an horrible day.

My schedule :

Monday : Oral from 3 pm to 5 pm
Tuesday : Version (with my poetry teacher, it will be great) from 9 am to 10:30 am
                American Literature from 1:30 pm to 3 pm
Wednesday : English Civilisation from 9 am to 10:30 am
                      Looking for Shakespeare from 1:30 pm to 3 pm
Thursday : Text -Analysis (French course) from 9 am to noon
                  English Literature (with a great teacher I had last year) from 3 pm to 4:30 pm
 Friday : Linguistics (with the same teacher that the last year) from 9 am to 10:30 am
              American Civilisation (my favourite course with my favourite teacher, I love this woman, she's the best prof I've ever had) from 10:30 am to noon
             Theme from 1:30 pm to 3 pm
              Grammar from 3 pm to 4:30 pm

As you can see it's not really proportionate, monday I'm obliged to take the train for only 2 hours of course whereas on Friday I have course all day long. I have lot of Literature which is great if I go to Dublin next year. It's goig to be very interesting but harder than the first year ( and four hours more than last year). I'm already nervous.


Omg she answered me, it's not to late to apply for Dublin!!  So in September I'll take an appointment with her to talk about everything !! Hope I'll be accepted, one year studying in an other country, I can't believe it ! Now I have to work hardest as ever if I want to put all chances on my side (don't know if this expression exists in english ah ah)
It's done, after 3 months of hundred questions I finally chose Dublin. I'm goig to send an email to my college 's international relation office. Hope it's not to late.
Why Dublin?
- Not far from France, ok I wish I go to Australia, but it's the first time I leave the house for as long. It's    the first time I study in an other country so I prefer start in Europe.
- Money doesn't change ah ah it's easier (fucking argument I know!)
- Dublin seems a great town with many students.
- Trinity College!
- I could ( no I will) visit Ireland
- I 'll do my possible to have a room in the campus or I'll share a flat with Irish !
- GIGS, I can't live without going to concerts, I see that they are few metal gigs in Dublin, but Sydney seems to never heard of heavy metal ah ah so It's the last point which made tip the balance in favor of Dublin.

 Trinity College library <3


Ok do I kill myself right now or later?? I'm back from Paris, wake up at 7 am, took the train, wait for one hour in the crous for NOTHING, the guy was a young very nice arabian, really cool but he couldn't do anything for me, cause I have to go to my college (which is open only the 1rst September) to fix the problems!! So I paid (I mean my mother paid) 21 euros for nothing... I hate the fucking college administration. This year starts very badly, it's worrying.

Now, I go in town to buy a birthday present for my mother, and some stuff to prepare a cake: chocolate cake with marshmallows inside, "happy birthday "written with smarties and two little chocolate bears for the candles ah ah I'm mad.

edit : I'm exhausted, sweating like a pig (so sex isnt' it?) but it's done, fortunately the earrings where still there, the seller made a gift package ( I 'm not able to make that kind of thing, it's to precise for me I'm more talented to destroy ah ah anyway). Then I walked and walked and walked to the supermarket where I bought all I need for Sunday, the hardest is to hide everything until the d day.


Many things to do and not much time. Tomorrow I have to go to Paris to fix details in order to have my student grant. I paid 181 euros for NOTHING cause I should have brought a paper and my college should have sent this paper to the crous which should have paid the 181 euros. Fuck off so now I got to go to the crous to bring The paper and to prove that I applied for the next year. I'm in a deep shit cause I really really need this money, they have to repay me the 181 euros I gave and they have to give me my student grant. I have to pay 100 euros per month for the train + 300 euros for a fucking subway card + money for the books + 200 euros for social welfare + I have to collect money for the last year. Let's talk about it.
1rst choice: Australia, Sydney must be a beautiful town and the college is amazing, I could learn american civilisation, australian civilisation, literature... Then, It would be so exotic to study there but expensive cost of life and far (but It's more an advantage) and I have to pass my TOEFL soon, it's expensive and I'm not ready at all...
2nd choice: Dublin, It's not far from France, so I could easily back home for holidays, It's in Europe (money doesn't change), I'll learn literature, I'll study in Trinity College, it's really beautiful, the library is huge and Oscar Wilde learnt there ah ah, I would live in the campus, the cost of life is less expensive than Sydney, well it's not as exotic as Australia but I'll be outside my country so it's not so bad , concerning the disadvantages for the moment I don't find it plus I don't need to pass my TOEFL but the selection is strict, they chose the better students and I'm far to be one of them.
I don't know what to do. I really don't.


Travel is one of my passion, I went to Barcelona with school. I made a holiday camp where we went to Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Bruxelles, I really enjoyed Amsterdam and Prague I really hope to go back there, specially in Amsterdam where we were not allowed to go ah ah, and Prague to visit Kafka's museum. Then in 2004 one of my best trip, it was also a holiday camp, The East Cost of United States, two days in New York, then we went to Washington D.C, Philadelphia (we went, of course, in the house where Declaration of Independence has been signed), we went to Canada to see the Niagara Falls, apparently it's more beautiful on the Canada side, we went to the Amish Country, really awesome to see these persons driving a car ... with horses, we also saw Boston, beautiful town, we had a tour to Harvard yes the famous university and at the end we spent the two last days to New York again. My favourite city, I love the Nature, deserted landscapes but NY is unbelievable you have to see it at least one time in your life.
Then no travel during seven long years (except festivals but it's not the same). And finally, in July I went to Wales and this travel changed my life,this trip confirmed my desire to travel around the world, spend my time on road, discover every country, see beautiful landscapes which are not destroyed by humans yet. Yes, that's what I want to do in my life, be a trekker.
picture: The Golden Gate (one of my dreams is to spend few months in San Francisco)