Many things to do and not much time. Tomorrow I have to go to Paris to fix details in order to have my student grant. I paid 181 euros for NOTHING cause I should have brought a paper and my college should have sent this paper to the crous which should have paid the 181 euros. Fuck off so now I got to go to the crous to bring The paper and to prove that I applied for the next year. I'm in a deep shit cause I really really need this money, they have to repay me the 181 euros I gave and they have to give me my student grant. I have to pay 100 euros per month for the train + 300 euros for a fucking subway card + money for the books + 200 euros for social welfare + I have to collect money for the last year. Let's talk about it.
1rst choice: Australia, Sydney must be a beautiful town and the college is amazing, I could learn american civilisation, australian civilisation, literature... Then, It would be so exotic to study there but expensive cost of life and far (but It's more an advantage) and I have to pass my TOEFL soon, it's expensive and I'm not ready at all...
2nd choice: Dublin, It's not far from France, so I could easily back home for holidays, It's in Europe (money doesn't change), I'll learn literature, I'll study in Trinity College, it's really beautiful, the library is huge and Oscar Wilde learnt there ah ah, I would live in the campus, the cost of life is less expensive than Sydney, well it's not as exotic as Australia but I'll be outside my country so it's not so bad , concerning the disadvantages for the moment I don't find it plus I don't need to pass my TOEFL but the selection is strict, they chose the better students and I'm far to be one of them.
I don't know what to do. I really don't.

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