8 a.m and already in front of my computer, am I a "no life geek" ? only if I'd like video games ah ah... Spent a short night, thank the cats for that, the little one is a monster you have no idea,terrorising the others who are older... insane. I'm drinking my second diet coke, it going to kill me, since two years I'm addicted, it's horrible, sometimes my arms hurt me.. I said it, it going to kill me. Tomorrow I'll go to Paris to have a drink with college "friends" and F. I decided to stop drinking beer, It not going to miss me a lot compared to cider. I used to drink cider in France but when I went to Wales, in supermarket the cider aisle was so huge I've never seen that before. Too many kinds of cider, it was such like heaven and since I'm back here I see the miserable cider aisle with two fucking different ciders , I miss Wales. But fortunatelly I found an Irish pub in Paris with Strongbow (two hours on the internet to find it, where the hell am I living?), anyway tomorrow I'll try the pub, hope it will as good as in Wales , even if I doubt it. 

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