It's done, after 3 months of hundred questions I finally chose Dublin. I'm goig to send an email to my college 's international relation office. Hope it's not to late.
Why Dublin?
- Not far from France, ok I wish I go to Australia, but it's the first time I leave the house for as long. It's    the first time I study in an other country so I prefer start in Europe.
- Money doesn't change ah ah it's easier (fucking argument I know!)
- Dublin seems a great town with many students.
- Trinity College!
- I could ( no I will) visit Ireland
- I 'll do my possible to have a room in the campus or I'll share a flat with Irish !
- GIGS, I can't live without going to concerts, I see that they are few metal gigs in Dublin, but Sydney seems to never heard of heavy metal ah ah so It's the last point which made tip the balance in favor of Dublin.

 Trinity College library <3

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